Writing Portfolio

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Working In While Eating Out: The Evolution of Doing Business While Dining

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5 Ways to Avoid Food Waste When Cooking Solo

5 Trader Joe’s Recipes for Cozy Date Nights In

Don’t Live Near Trader Joe’s? Here’s How to Save Money at Any Grocery Store

I Ate (And Cooked) Like a Parisian for a Week—Here’s What I Learned

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The Forgotten Borough’s Forgotten Industry: The History Of Lighthouses On Staten Island

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Q&A: Coffee Connoisseur Candice Madison Talks Determination, Fair Wages for Farmers, and How to Find Your Perfect Cup

A Taste of the Balkans in NYC

Women’s chef collective wants to be a ‘think space’ for egalitarian kitchens

LIC Brewery drafts expansion to Industry City with sustainability on tap

Sommeliers of coffee: Meet NYC’s elite specialists

‘MasterChef’ doughnut champ ‘Scottish’ Francis follows the fryer to Queens

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Head Writer

10 Must-Visit Spots in Long Island City: An Untapped Cities Guide

14 of NYC’s Triangle Buildings: A Brief History

The Top 10 Secrets of the Steinway Piano Factory in Astoria, Queens

5 Easy Ways to Meal Prep FOR the Weekend, Not Just During It

3 After-Drinks Dinners You Can Make it Minutes

8 February Reads for the Different Relationships in Your Life

3 Healthy Ways to Beat Chocoholic Cravings

5 Recipes that Will Use Up Any Leftover Ingredient

Ax-Treme Sport

Mega Fit: The New Year Workout that Combines Every Class You Need in 50 Minutes

The Little Design Shop that Could

The Man Behind the Moose

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These young farmers will eat — and plant — their veggies

Swimming in her grandmother’s wake

Column: Out of the mouths of tourists (chosen as favorite story of 2013)

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The history behind Sophie’s Rest in Southold

Northforker Inside Look: The Riverhead Project’s Wine Project

Greenport sculpture garden brings art to the visually impaired

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Beneath O’Malley: The Secrets of the Subfloors

Bang, Zap, Boom: MC Freshman Designs Own Online Comic

A Walk in the Park: Van Cortlandt and MC’s Intertwined History


This is only a handful of selected pieces – full portfolio can be seen upon request.

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